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Toothache Clinton Township

Clinton Township Emergency Dentist
Clinton Township Emergency Dentist

A toothache can have one of multiple causes, but regardless of why you have one, our Clinton Township emergency dentist will work to eradicate it. Our  dentist will make every effort to have you seen quickly, because needless suffering is something that Dr. Robinson wants to help you avoid.

One of the simplest reasons for a toothache is that you have a cavity, or that an existing filling has fallen out. For that, the solution is just to put in a new or replacement filling. A chipped or cracked tooth may have exposed the nerve of your tooth, leading to pain. In order to address that effectively, our Clinton Township emergency dentist will measure you for a crown (cap) that will be placed on top to cover the chip or crack and protect the nerve. In the interim, while your crown is being fashioned at the dental lab, a less precise but efficient temporary one will be used to ease your toothache. Sometimes, the source of tooth pain is not the tooth at all, but is related to a jaw problem or an issue with your gums, for just two examples. It’s vital to not only treat the toothache, but also to identify the cause so that there will be no recurrence and no deterioration of the situation. Perhaps the most scary diagnosis for a toothache is an infection in the tooth, down by the nerve. The answer is nearly always root canal therapy, which unfortunately has a bad reputation for being painful. With today’s advancements in technology and procedure, it isn’t, though. It is instead the way to relieve the pain that the infection has been causing you.

Contact our dental office to schedule an examination whenever you have a toothache. Regardless of the reason for it, our Clinton Township emergency dentist will manage it for you and soon you will be feeling normal again.

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