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Types of dental fillings

Macomb County dental office
Macomb County dental office

Getting dental work done is not at all uncommon. Most people have to have some sort of dental work completed aside from routine cleanings and preventative care in order to restore their health. One of the more common procedures performed is the dental filling, which is used to help treat cavities. Here at our Macomb County dental office, our dentist Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC can provide you with a dental filling and can do so by applying different kinds of dental fillings depending on your preferences and how you would like your teeth and fillings to look when everything is complete.

Many people end up needing a dental filling or two at some point in their lives. By brushing regularly, flossing and generally taking care of your overall dental health, you can help to prevent decay from taking hold and possibly creating a cavity that will need to be filled, but many people still experience these pesky ailments anyway. If you visit your dentist on a regular basis, you may be able to better prevent cavities or at least stop the cavity in its tracks with prompt treatment and care. You may feel a cavity coming on between visits as well, in which case it is important that you see your dentist as soon as you can. Here at our Macomb County dental office, our dentist Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC can examine your mouth and determine the right course of action. When it comes to cavities, a dental filling needs to be put in place in order to fill in the remaining area and to prevent future decay from taking hold. First, Dr. Robinson will clean the area and get rid of any decayed tooth. From there, he will fill in the cavity with a filling of your choosing. Dr. Robinson offers gold, amalgam, composite and porcelain fillings.

Gold and amalgam fillings are more traditional, but porcelain and composite are newer materials that may resemble the color of your tooth more than the others. Depending on your preferences our Macomb County dental office, Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC will place the dental filling of your choice into the cavity to prevent further infection.

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