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Mini dental implants in Clinton Township

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Mini dental implants Clinton Township

Mini dental implants in Clinton Dental implants can be a very expensive solution to restoring missing teeth. However desirable a fix this may be, there are many patients who are looking for a more cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. There is a new, great solution and, our practice is very happy to be able to offer it. Our skilled dentist at our practice, Alan F. Robinson DDS PC, now offers mini dental implants in Clinton Township for those patients who will benefit from this new tooth replacement solution.

Our office, is located in Clinton Township, and we welcome all of our patients new and old. Our dentist, Dr. Robinson is very happy to now offer mini dental implants in Clinton Township for all of his patients who will benefit from them. Missing teeth problems can now be saved in as little as one or two visits. Mini dental implants are easy to place into the gum, and do not call for any cutting of the gums. This makes many more people eligible for the dental implant procedure. And, since the mini implant is so small, it does not require the healing and fusing time needed for regular implants. So now these mini implants can immediately be connected to a removable denture, and your implant will easily be finished. Another benefit is these implants also cost about half as much as standard dental implants.

Mini dental implants in Clinton Township are easy to get. Dr. Robinson will need to first evaluate the condition of the existing jaw bone. However, since so little jaw bone is required to hold a mini implant, almost every patient is able to qualify, even if your dentist has previously told you, you were not a good candidate for regular dental implants. In order to undergo the implant procedure, all that’s needed is for your gums to be numbed with a local anesthetic. A small pinhole is placed into the gums and the mini implant is placed into the hole. The mini dental implant will last about 7-8 years if well taken care of. They can support removable dentures with the use of snaps. These mini implants are ideal for patients who cannot undergo implant surgery or whose jaw bone cannot support regular implants, but who want a secure denture solution for their missing teeth. For more information on mini dental implants, make an appointment to see Dr. Alan F. Robinson. He will be happy to meet with you and discuss the benefits mini dental implants may offer you as a tooth replacement option.

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