Implant placement in Macomb County

Mini dental implants in Macomb County

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Minimally Invasive Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants in Macomb County
Mini dental implants in Macomb County

Have you heard about mini dental implants and wonder how they differ from regular dental implants? There is definitely a huge difference in the way that they are placed into the patient’s jawbone and even in what they will cost. If you want to get mini dental implants in Macomb County we hope you will contact our dental practice, Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC.

At our dental practice our expert and highly-trained dentist is Dr. Alan F. Robinson. He recommends mini dental implants to his patients in a variety of situations. In order to get regular dental implants your jawbone must be in excellent health, and be of a certain size. However, almost any jawbone is able to hold mini dental implants in Macomb County. Regular dental implants are implanted in a surgical procedure. Full recovery from this surgery will take up to many months while the jawbone fully heals and the implant root fully fuses to the jawbone. A mini dental implant is not implanted by a surgical procedure; it is simply inserted into the jawbone through a tiny opening. This procedure does not require that there is any cutting of the gums. There is no recovery time needed and the mini dental implant can be used immediately.

Mini dental implants in Macomb County are often used when securing dentures – especially lower dentures. Lower dentures can be embarrassing for the patient as they can slip when you are eating or speaking. No one likes to be in the situation when they are having a conversation and this problem is encountered. Mini dental implants make it much easier to have secure lower dentures. They will be able to hold the denture much more securely in place so the patient does not need to worry about the denture slipping and causing embarrassment at an inopportune moment. Mini dental implants are also much less expensive than conventional dental implants. This is due to the fact that the entire process is shorter and does not involve actual dental surgery. Many patients who are not good candidates for regular dental implants can have mini dental implants. A crown can also be secured to the mini dental implant. If you would like to meet with our dentist to see how mini dental implants can help you with the replacement of missing teeth, contact us today.

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