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Repair Teeth 48038

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Repair teeth 48038
Repair teeth 48038

Living with missing teeth can be difficult for many different reasons. Without a full and complete smile, you can find it increasingly difficult to eat certain foods or to eat with confidence, especially when other people are around. You may also be concerned about the way that missing teeth can affect your appearance as well. It can change your facial profile as well as the overall appearance of your smile. If you are looking to repair teeth in 47038 and want a strong and reliable replacement for your missing teeth, then our dentist Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC can provide you with a solution: dental implants.

There are several different ways in which your dentist can replace missing teeth. Bridges and dentures are other appliances that are commonly used to restore smiles and fill in the gaps where missing teeth are involved, but these methods do not suit everyone. Some people still experience friction against their gums and natural teeth while eating and may not like the way that these appliances look. Unlike bridges and dentures, however, dental implants look, feel and perform just as well as natural teeth do. Dental implants gain all of their strength from the use of replacement tooth roots. Titanium posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone to act as anchors for artificial teeth. These posts are sturdy, firm and very reliable. The posts themselves even meld with your jawbone during the healing process in a manner known as osseointegration, which is what makes these posts so strong. Once they have healed fully, Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC can set your artificial teeth into place in order to fully restore teeth in 48038. These teeth will be custom made to fit perfectly into your mouth and to match any remaining teeth that you may have in order to create a completely seamless smile.

If you are looking to repair teeth in 48038, then look no further than the dental offices of Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC. Dr. Robinson can provide you with an exam and consultation where you can discuss and explore your options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. You may just find out that dental implants are the perfect option for you.

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