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Same day extraction in Clinton Township

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Clinton Township emergency dentist

Same day extraction in Clinton Township
Same day extraction in Clinton Township

Do you know where you would go to if you or a member of your family had a dental emergency? Dental emergencies can take many forms and it is important to have a plan of action just in case you need it. When patients are in need of an emergency dentist for same day extraction in Clinton Township, they should contact our office, Alan f. Robinson DDS, PC for same day treatment.

At our practice, our expert dentist is Dr. Alan F. Robinson. Dr. Robinson, is able to handle a wide range of dental emergencies. Included in the dental emergencies Dr. Robinson treats is that of a same day extraction in Clinton Township. Generally, if a patient comes in with a painful tooth and swollen gums, Dr. Robinson will offer root canal treatment to save the life of the tooth. Of course this is determined on an individual basis. However, root canal treatments are generally successful in treating a tooth that is infected. Not all root canals need to be performed as emergency treatment, but if a patient is in extreme pain this may be the best way to proceed. During a root canal the infected pulp inside the tooth will be removed, the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned, and then the tooth will be sealed. Often a temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it. Then at a later time the permanent porcelain crown will be installed to restore the tooth.

However, there is one time when it is highly unlikely that our dentist will want to perform a root canal. And that is when the tooth and gum pain comes from an infected wisdom tooth. When a wisdom tooth is causing problems in the mouth it is most likely that our dentist will opt for same day extraction in Clinton Township. When your wisdom teeth don’t come into your mouth correctly, and infection occurs, this condition is known as pericoronitis. The symptoms can include swollen and irritated gums, a possible bad taste in your mouth, or you may be unable to open your mouth fully. If this occurs you should see our dentist immediately for treatment. If you would like to see our dentist for a comprehensive dental exam, contact our office today. Perhaps you will be able to keep a dental emergency from occurring a few months down the road. However, if you do have a dental emergency, call our office and let our receptionist know that you are seeking emergency treatment, and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

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