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Preventive Care in Sterling Heights

Making sure your teeth and gums are clean and healthy is something you should do every day. Good dental hygiene can go a long way, especially if you take advantage of biannual dental cleanings. Preventative care is not only helpful though, it is actually pretty integral when it comes to preserving your dental health overall. With the help of Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC here at our Sterling Heights dental office, you and your family can get the comprehensive preventative care you need to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

People of all ages should make sure that they brush their teeth between meals, floss and rinse with mouthwash, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and avoid things like sugar or tobacco use. All of these things are not just great for your overall health – they are also essential for your dental health. Here with Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC, you can also get the biannual preventative care you need to properly protect your teeth. In addition to all the things you can do from home, making sure that you see your dentist regularly is a must. Routine exams and checkups can help Dr. Robinson spot early signs of disease or decay and effectively provide you with the treatment you need. This will not only boost your dental health, but also prevent more intensive or future damage. Cleanings are also important, and they play a vital role in preventative care. As vital as brushing is, there is only so much it can really do. Preventative cleanings are thorough, but gentle, and these professional cleanings can help get rid of hard to reach areas full of cavity-causing plaque and bacteria.

If you are looking for a Sterling Heights dental office that offers all the dental care and dental procedures you need, then there is no need to look beyond Alan F. Robinson DDS, PC.

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