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Teeth replacement in Clinton Township

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Teeth replacement in Clinton Township
Teeth replacement in Clinton Township

If you have one or more missing teeth that you would like to replace, gone are the days when your only options were the serviceable but not ideal fixed bridge or removable partial dentures. Implant dentistry now gives you impressive benefits without any of the downside that is associated with more traditional restorations. With our teeth replacement in Clinton Township, you’re sure to be happy and satisfied with the results.

A dental implant looks and feels a lot like a natural tooth. The reason is that it replaces the entire tooth, root and all. It’s not just a surface solution. It starts with a cylindrical post made of titanium that is placed in your jaw surgically. This is the root portion of the implant. Over a few months, your jaw bone will grow around the post and eventually fuse to it, creating a durable and immovable bond. The second part is a tooth-colored crown that is put on top of the post and then cemented into place. Your facial contours will be preserved and your gum and bone tissue will not atrophy. You can eat and speak confidently with our teeth replacement in Clinton Township. Brush your implant and floss between it and your natural teeth like normal. No problem.

Bridges require that the tooth on either side be drilled down and then have a crown placed on top to securely anchor the bridge. Some patients also find that the bridge is a bit hard to get used to and not quite natural. Partial dentures can be taken out and put back in, held in with adhesive. The concern is that it’s not always a reliable hold. Sometimes it can slide and that leaves you unsure when chewing or speaking. Our teeth replacement in Clinton Township¬†doesn’t share those drawbacks. Dental implants require no adhesive and they don’t affect your surrounding teeth.

About 98% of implants are successful. There are some requirements that must be met. Your gums should be in good condition, and your jaw bone needs to be thick and sufficiently strong to hold the implant. Bone grafting is available to correct even that issue, though. Some other factors, like being diabetic or being a smoker, might prevent you from qualifying for our teeth replacement in Clinton Township, but the best way to find out for sure if it’s right for you is to call us and schedule an exam and consultation.

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